Sharing is Caring – My Favorite Posts This Week!


Dear Readers,

Lately, thanks to the Blogging101 Course that I am taking, I have been reading a lot of new blogs by some amazing Bloggers here at WordPress.

Ever so often I come across posts, so beautifully & articulately written, that it makes me want to show them some love & share them with my readers.

So I have decided to add a new weekly feature to my blog, where I share the posts I have loved reading that week.

Every post that is & will be mentioned here will be by a Blogger who has a unique style of writing. Deep, edgy, funny, serious. I will share them all.

Here are my favorite posts for this week!

Letter to a Younger me – Part 1 by Gabby Clark – By far the most beautiful & bare it all Letter to a younger self I have come across. I think Gabby is a very talented writer & is one Blogger whose future posts I am looking forward to.

If we were having Coffee by Carin Nicole – This straight out of bed, wearing something inside out kinda Coffee sounded so real & so me! I absolutely love Carin’s style of writing.

Dirt Bike Girl by Jodine Butler – This beautiful post reminded me of the day my Dad got me my first cycle. A beautifully narrated short story.

Films of Maurice Pialat: Van Gogh by Lupita Peimbert – A beautiful post about a movie on the life of my favorite artist Vincent Van Gogh. Beautifully written, makes me want to watch the movie asap!

Do visit these wonderful bloggers & show them some love!

How do you like this new feature?

Let me know in the comments section down below!

See you next week!




Writing Spaces!

Every writer has a specific writing set up where he/she feels most comfortable. A cozy corner of their own, a proper study, a beautiful little coffee shop, a Garden, whatever gets the writing flowing! Writers, professional or amateurs alike, I find, are choosy when it comes to writing spaces. Creativity brings with it certain Quirks!

For me Personally, person-woman-apple-hotel-large

This is how I write – Sitting up on my bed, in my room at home, with a cup of tea or coffee!

I usually write on my Laptop! Although when I started Blogging, it was from my cell phone! It was a random idea to blog! I had always maintained Journals, but never went online with it. It was a couple of blogs later when I really got serious about blogging & wanted perfect themes & backgrounds that I moved to my Laptop.

I like perfect silence & hate being disturbed when I am writing. It makes me irritable very quickly, when somebody interrupts my flow of writing & I lose my chain of thoughts. I find it very difficult to get back on track, hence need to have a quiet environment & no disturbance. It makes me wonder how people find coffee shops a great place to write! You need to be incredibly focused to not get disturbed by all that noise!

I sometimes find inspiration when I am running in the morning at the park. So once in a while I do write mini posts from there as well. Usually it is my observations or Aha moments that I try jotting down( What is it with Mother Nature & AHA moments!? )


It takes a long time for me to write. I usually start building a post by jotting down ideas in my Writing Journal & when I am sure I have covered all the points I need to convey, I finally get down to writing it. I write, edit, write, edit a million times before finally Publishing a post! That’s just me!

I have reached a point where I have a schedule of posting & it is not random anymore. Unless of course I am taking a blogging class ( which I find are very helpful ). Even when I ideas pop up in my head everywhere & anywhere, my writing space now is mostly my room ( which I totally love, Its my Zen place! )

What about you guys? Where do you do most of your writing? Do you have certain quirks when it comes to writing? I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below!



Moleskine Classic Notebook Review

After Reviewing The Moleskine Diary/Planner for 2016, It is time to review the Moleskine Classic Notebook.

Moleskine as we all know is world famous for Quality notebooks & planners. They are well loved among writers & Journal lovers alike. I have been wanting them for days & finally this year thanks to Amazons amazing service, I got my hands on both the Diary/Planner & the Classic Notebook.

I am a fan of writing online, it is very easy & convenient , but when it comes to maintaining a Personal Journal, nothing can beat putting pen to paper.

So without further delay, Let us get on with the review!


The Moleskine Classic notebook’s Dimensions are 5 x 8.25 Inches. The one I have is a Soft cover with an Elastic closure & a Book Mark ribbon. You also have the option of Hard Cover.

The Notebook also comes in a variety of colors like Green, Red, Purple among others, but like always I had to go for Black one.

I like to compare the size of a notebook or Planner to other objects, just to get a clear idea about them. So here I am placing the Moleskine Classic Notebook next to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, so as to give you a clear idea of its size.


As you can see, it is about an Inch or Two larger than your average Tablet. So if your bag can hold a Tablet, it can hold the Notebook as well.

The Elastic band that holds the Notebook pages together is a feature I completely love, especially when the Notebook is in my hand bag. The pages do not get crumpled at all, which is great.

The Notebook is covered on the outside by a leaflet Kinda thing, which gives you information about the dimensions of the Notebook , the number of Pages & where it is made.


On the Inside of the same leaflet you will find ideas about personalizing your Notebook. You can cut along the dotted lines to make yourself a Book Mark which says Have a Nice day & Do not Touch.


The Moleskine Classic Notebook has around 192 pages with its corners rounded & the paper is acid free.

Lets take a peek at the Pages now, starting from the Name page.


When it comes to the pages, you have the option of either ruled or Blank ones. I am not a fan of Ruled ( Reminds me of Notebooks I used in School) So I always opt for the Blank version. Its great if you wish to write, doodle or Draw. Blank is full of possibilities, but hey if you like the Ruled version go for it. Whichever works for you.


Right in between the two sides of the Notebook is the bookmark ribbon. You see the purple thing above? I really think it is a great addition.

Another thing I really like when it comes to both Moleskine Diary & Notebooks is this arrangement that the inner back part of the books have. The slot where you can keep those little notes & cards which you find important. Visiting cards, Tiny greeting cards, Travel passes etc. It is so very convenient.


Uses for this Notebook

I think it will make a great Daily Journal.

Also a great option for writers.

A nice notebook for sketching as well( although I think Moleskine has specific notebooks for sketching)

A great notebook for College Students for jotting down Lecture notes too.


The Quality of the Notebook & its Pages.

The Elastic band keeping the pages together. You don’t have to worry about the pages getting crumpled if you put the Notebook in your bag.

The Slot at the back for holding important things.


The Price again like all other Moleskine products!

The number of pages, 192 doesn’t really work for me.

You have to be careful about the kind of pen that you use. There can be feathering if you use the wrong one. ( Note – Moleskine does have a specific pen for their notebooks. Be sure you google for the pens that go well with Moleskine notebooks, there are many articles written about it.)

Summing it up

It is a great Notebook as far as Quality is concerned but I do find the price a bit on the higher side for a Regular Notebook considering you do have relatively inexpensive options with similar quality at a much lower price.

In the end, it all comes to how much you are willing to pay for a notebook.

Will I recommend it – May be.

Rating – 3.5/5

Have you used a Moleskine Notebook before? How do you like them? Let me know in the comments section!


Journaling II

Journal-developpement-personnelFilling the first blank page of a journal often takes most pondering. I always wondered how to give the Journal that amazing start which will set the tone for the rest of the year. Needless to say, it always made me anxious!

One day I was discussing Journals with my friend Melina & I mentioned to her, how I always struggle with the first blank page. It was then that she gave me the amazing idea of beginning with choosing a ‘Word for the Year’! It is setting the intention of what you want this year to be all about.

Since that conversation, I have always incorporated the ‘Word of the Year’ feature at the very start of my Journal.

Say for example, I decided last year that the Year 2015 for me would be ‘The Year of Travel’! And guess what?

It did turn out to be the year I visited 4 countries!

They say there is power in the written word and honestly I think it might be true!

So why not try using this feature in your Journal this year & see how it works out for you!

Lets us make our Journals amazing & creative!

I would love to hear about how you begin writing in your New Year Journal or any other Journaling ideas you might want to share. DO leave them in the comments section below!

Lets spread the Journal love!




tumblr_lz9pbqaqo41r8wxgoo1_500Yesterday I was going through some of my old Journals when I came across letters exchanged between me & my friend AK from the time when I was in School.

AK moved to Canada along with her family after our class 7. She was a dear friend & continues to be even today. Before she left, we promised each other that we would keep in touch through letters & we would write to each other as often as we can & we did.

Her letters were something I would really really look forward to & would wait for them to arrive each month.

Receiving that letter, reading about her new life was something that would bring such joy to me! It was like having her around through her writing.

Needless to say , I love Handwritten letters & notes. Part of it is also because there has always been a tradition of Handwritten notes in my family.


When I was around 8, I was going away to spend a few days with my grandparents in another town. It was the first time I was going to be away from my parents. My dad had some work & couldn’t be there to see me off. So he sent a tiny Handwritten note with our driver which read, “Take care Monkey”. ( Ok, now I do not want any comments about the monkey part please lolzz ) Moving on..

When my Grandfather was around, every year on birthdays & during festivals, he would put some money in envelopes & would write little notes on them wishing us joy & Happiness. He would then sign it as Papa (All of us called him that) & would give those envelopes to his children & his grandchildren with his blessings. My Grandma does it now.


When I was at University, living away from home, whenever my mom would send something for me through the mail, she would always attach a little note with sweet words. I still have those handwritten notes. They are very very special to me.

My friend Sheetal would write to me when I was at University as well updating me about her life & asking me about mine. I loved receiving her letters & continue to keep them safe

To me a handwritten Letter or note feels like having a part of that person with you. Forever. It holds true especially now that my Grandpa isn’t around anymore.

When I am sending something to a friend or relative that lives far away, I always write a letter to go with it.

writing_letter_12071260152646This handwritten card/ letter will become a memory that will stay on.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the email is an amazing way to communicate in lightning fast speed but a Handwritten card, a letter, has the human touch,that makes it unique & special.

In this age of technology everything has become really fast, let us slow down for sometime & make time for someone we love. Jot a few lines, share a little everyday story, seal it with love & send it away.

I urge you guys, don’t let the tradition of the Handwritten die. Some old ways need to be kept alive, for our own sake.

This Holiday season send something Handwritten & thoughtful to your loved ones. Make that effort. Pleaseeeeee. Will you??

Let me know your stories about all things ‘Handwritten’. I would love to hear all about it.





I always get super excited about the arrival of December. There are two reasons for the excitement, the first reason is that December is the holiday season – Christmas & second is that it is usually around this time that I place an order for my Journals for the New Year.

I have always been into keeping Journals ever since my school days. It all began with writing the silliest of things like conversations I had with my friends, what happened at school, pasting pictures of my crush from the Boy Bands then, so on & so forth.

It then moved on to my hopes & dreams I had for my future life, what I wanted to be when I grew up ( I wanted to be a Journalist then), to shortlist of the Universities that I wished to attend, Graduation day, getting a Job, etc.

I don’t really maintain a daily journal but jot down things that I feel I really wish to have as a part of memories. Sometimes, I paste a picture taken from that day. I did consider having an online diary, but there is magic in writing I feel.

I have a ritual for every Christmas day ( There is just something magical about that day, isn’t it?)

I start writing in my Journal from Christmas day. I make a list of things I hope to achieve in the coming year. All my hopes, dreams, Aspirations.

I also make a note of all the good things that have happened to me during the year that passed & go through the list I had made the past Christmas & review the things I had jotted down to be achieved.

It is so interesting to see the change within yourself sometimes. Sometimes our dreams, hopes & aspirations change too. Not always, but sometimes.

I also have a Gratitude Journal. I write down five things everyday that I am grateful for. Helps me be mindful of my blessings everyday.

Journaling is really a fun activity, you can be as creative with it as you like. May be this year, I will post pictures of my Journal (I am not the most creative person I know, but I will try and be this time around)

Do you guys keep a Journal? What do you jot down? I would love to know, leave me links if you’ve done a post on your Journal down below, pictures too if you like in the Comments section!



New Announcement!!

Hello Everyone!

Our Blogging community here on WordPress is filled with such amazing & talented writers! There are so many Blogs that I absolutely love reading everyday & Its amazing the way each Blogger seems to have something unique to offer in terms of Ideas & Subject matter.

Coming to the Big Announcement!!


I have decided, that starting this month I am going to invite some of my favorite bloggers to contribute to my blog here at ‘Arpita’s World’. The Posts will be keeping with the overall theme of the Blog. From Soulful Conversations to Amazing Life Lessons, there have lots to offer!

I am sooooo excited for this new feature!!

Stay tuned for some Amazing posts!



PS – If any of you amazing bloggers would like to do a Guest Post for this Blog, do get in touch with me Via Twitter @Arpitablogs or Email –!

Why I Write?


Words are magic!

I learnt that as a child. I loved how books would take me to different worlds without me having to move from my place. I have traveled to faraway places & sometimes magical places , from Afghanistan ( The Kite Runner ) to the Forbidden Forest (Harry Potter Series) all because of the beautiful words written by some amazing authors.

Writers I feel sometimes are like Wizards without the Pointy hats! They swish their writing wands & off we go somewhere! I knew I wanted to be one of them.


I have the soul of a writer, I realized that a long time ago.

It was my love of reading that made me want to write. I have so many stories within me that I just have a need to share! At first it started with Travel Writing, first in my Journal & more recently with my Travel Blog! Check it out here.

However that seemed restrictive! There was so much more to write about!

With that intention I started this Personal Blog. A place for me to share the world’s within me with you.


Why I write you ask ?

The best way to describe it is in the words of Gloria Stinem, She says “Writing is the only thing, that when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else”.

It makes me feel alive. Like I could do this all day every day!

I just have so much to say! I do not know if my words are right in the literary way. They are just my observations, my emotions & feelings coming out on paper (or in this case Computer screen).


Sometimes I write with the hope that my writing will help somebody in a some way. Bring a smile to their face. Or as is the case with some travel posts of mine, bring back happy memories.( I love when my readers share their memories & experiences with me! )

You know what makes me really happy when it comes to my Travel Blog?

I have had so many people write to me, how because of personal reasons, they are unable to travel. They say they travel with me through my blog post everywhere I go.

It makes me feel happy to take people to faraway places through my writings. ( Be a wizard without the pointy hat myself!!! Yaayyy!! )


Have them experience joy for the time they read my post.

I write for the Joy of it & Hopefully to bring Joy to others!

I write because that’s what I really want to do.

I write because its my happy place!


I write to connect!

Here is a quote by Virginia Woolf that I really Like,

Virginia Woolf


Arpita xo