Daniel Wellington Watch!

I have been wanting to buy the Daniel Wellington Classic watch like forever!! I first saw it on Instagram, where it was very popular. I saw it & just fell in love with its simple minimalist look. I always like things that have a clear simple clean look.

On my way back from Zurich while waiting for my flight, I decided to just look through the various stores they have there. And I just saw it, finally! I simply had to get it! My mom got it for me as a present since I have been eyeing it for so long!

There are so many variations in the dial color & straps & the brand is definitely making some interesting additions to its collection. I am just in love with them all, but chose to stick to the original classic design.

You can check their official website to have a look at the entire collection here. I made a video un boxing my watch, which you can check out down below!

Till next time,


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Selfie Ring light Unboxing!

Hi Guys,

Trying my hand at You Tube for the first time. I would love for any existing You tube creators to give me a feedback on my first one!

Also for my regular followers, I’d love to hear from you, as always.

You Tube has gained so much attention among st us Bloggers too that I simply could not resist myself.

Waiting to hear from you guys!!