On My Bookshelf – January 2016

The Theme of the my year 2016 is ‘Making a Difference’ ( Check out my post Blogger with a Cause to know more) It only made sense that the first book on my Bookshelf be by somebody who has make a difference in somebody’s life already!

51lJn0uVAML._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_I came across this book ‘ The Promise of a Pencil’ by Adam Bruan accidently, when I was going through the Kindle store & I was very intrigued by the title itself & decided to pick it up.

The book is a New York Times Bestseller & is the story of how the author met a young boy begging on the streets of India, who after being asked what he wanted most in his life, simply answered – ‘A pencil’.

This apparently tiny looking request led to a staggering journey across many countries & eventually led to Adam leaving his prestigious job to establish ‘Pencils of promise’. He started with just $25, & this small looking step has grown by leaps 7 bounds & has resulted in the establishment of more than 250 schools across the world today. The book is his journey & how he managed to accomplish this amazing feat! How can you not want to read it!

I will do a review, once I am done reading the book.

Why not read the book with me?!

If you have read it already though, let me know how you liked it in the comments section below!

Looking forward to hearing from you!





Book Review -Three Empty Frames!

I am so Glad to have my friend & fellow blogger Rashmi as a Guest Blogger at ItsArpitasLife again! I completely loved the post she wrote the last time she was here & could not wait to have her back again! I was completely overjoyed when she accepted my Invitation for a Book Review this time, right in time before the holidays so that you can pick this book up as a Christmas gift for that book loving friend of yours! Now over to you, Rashmi!!


Book : Three Empty Frames

Series : The Bucks County Novels

Author : Dr Margaret Sorick

My Rating : 4.5 of 5 Stars.

Dr. Margaret Sorick or Dr. Meg as we all know her, authored this book which is the first of ‘The Bucks County Series’. Dr. Meg is a dear friend and an amazing writer who I look up to almost as a mentor. However, I can assure you that our friendship has not been a bias to this review!

Three Empty Frames is a Mystery/Thriller that grips the reader from the word go. The characters are well developed & feel like the people who we know from our own lives.The plot line is very well thought out & the reader will be left guessing until the very end when all is revealed. What I find interesting in the book is how the author managed to weave romance , personal turmoil & relationship crisis into a plot that primarily revolves around solving a mystery. The author wastes no time in introducing the lead characters & the mystery , which I feel is very important in Mystery novels, if one wishes to seize the attention of the readers.

The Protagonist Jennifer Dunne is a beautiful young lady who has just lost her mother. Although they did not share a close relationship, Jen agrees to sort through her mothers belongings only to help her father with whom she is very close. While sorting through her mothers belongings, she comes across an old journal that was written even before her parents met.

NEW-Vintage-Retro-Paper-Notebook-Journal-Old-Ancient-Magic-Book-Diary-Notepad-for-Gift-Korean-Stationery (2)Intrigued & wishing to know more about her mother, Jen decides to read the Journal. She agrees with her fathers suggestion of selling the house, which leads her to meeting her fathers new lawyer- the young & handsome Tom Quinn.

Jen appreciates that Tom is attracted to her but does not know how to react to the attention at first, however she does find herself falling for him. When Tom offers to help Jen with the chore of sorting through stuff & donating unwanted stuff from her mothers belongings, it drives them into each others company leading the way to a romantic liaison between them.

Jen finally reads the Journal & it becomes obvious to her that her mother was never in love with her father Richard, but was madly in love with someone named Michael & was in contact with him upto her marriage to Richard. Jen begins to comprehend her mothers indifference to her & the reason for the nature of their relationship. in her Journal, her mother has also written about a person she was afraid of, & refers to him as KH, along with a reference to the famous art heist in a museum she used to work for.

Jen is puzzled by the reference to the art heist & decides to solve the mystery in her mothers journal when terrifying things begin to happen in her life & her fathers. Soon the police & the FBI are involved & all suspicions point towards the possibility of her mothers involvement in a multi million dollar art theft that happened back in the 1960’s.

As the mystery proceeds, Jen begins to fall in love with Tom but is confused of her true feelings & she cannot point in which direction they lay.

There are many question Jen must find answers to like:

Did Jen ever know her mother? Was her father aware of her mothers secrets? Who were Michael & KH & how is her mother connected to the art heist? What does she feel towards Tom & the attractive Businessman Alexi who is trying to sweep her off her feet? Can she ever truly trust anyone after what she has discovered about her own mother?

It is definitely an intriguing & intricate book that keeps the reader guessing till the end. I highly recommend this book if you love a good mystery. This book will certainly not disappoint you.

– Rashmi.


About Rashmi

Rashmi is a single mom with a zest for life! The experience she has gained from her life’s journey & her work as a Women’s empowerment & child rights advocate led her to blogging.Now top it off with her love for writing & you have her blog ‘Mind & Life Matters’. To know more about Rashmi & her work, head over to her blog. You can connect with her on Twitter & Facebook too!

Thank you Rashmi for being a part of ItsArpitasLife once again! To buy a copy of Meg’s book ‘Three Empty Frames’ click here. For more on Dr.Meg Sorick visit her website!!

Book of the Month – December!

Hi guys!

The Book I have chosen to read this month is, ‘The Bad Girl’s Guide to getting what you want’ by Cameron Tuttle.


Since the Holiday season is almost upon us, I was wanting to read something that funny & an easy read & will put me in a great spirit. Its been a long time since I read something that is typically Chic Lit. ( I love Chic Lit)

This book is a follow up to the very popular ‘Bad Girls Guide to the Open Road’. I haven’t read that one yet, but I hear it is equally good. I downloaded samples of both from Amazon on my Kindle, but in the end, this book fascinated me more!

The author Cameron Tuttle’s ambition is to make the world a badder place one girl at a time. So let us see if she can add another one to her count by the end of this month!

Has anyone read this one yet?

Do share your thoughts if you have in the comments section below!



Book of the Month – November!

I am super excited to announce the Book of the month for November! The book is all the more special because it is written by a friend & fellow blogger Margaret Sorick! The novel has it all, mystery, suspense & Romance.

This is the first book of a three book series. The second book ‘Seeing Red’ is out as well. The book is available for purchase both in Paperback & Kindle format on Amazon. You can find a link for the same here.

The author, Margaret Sorick ( Meg for us bloggers ) can be reached via her website here. Do visit her website & show her some love & support!

I hope you guys will join me in reading the book. If you have read it already, do let me know in the comments section how you liked it!

Looking forward to hearing from you, as always.



Minimalism – Books

books-colorful-harry-potter-large (1)

Hello Friends,

For me the biggest challenge when it comes to Minimalism was always going to be Books. I am a Book lover to the core! I read around 2-3 books a month on an average, so you can imagine the amount of books I must have accumulated. Some books, I’d get on read & return basis. But if I did enjoy the book a lot, I’d end up buying it & adding it to my collection.

I am somebody who prefers tackling the hardest tasks before the easy ones. So when it came to Minimalism, I started with Books! Marie Kondo in her Book, ‘Life Changing Magic of tidying Up” suggested that we should handle it all at once. But come on. It hard enough to give up things you really love. So I am going to say, don’t do anything drastic.

I have around 5 bookshelf’s in my house filled with books. In the first round I checked out all 5 bookshelf’s & took those books out that did not give me joy & I knew I was never going to read again & put it away in my give away pile & gave them away.

Another method I used when it came to selecting books to give away was, will I find a kindle version of the Book, should I ever wish to read the book again in the future. ( I have stopped getting Paper copies of Books, since I got myself a Kindle & get my e-books from Amazon now.)

I would repeat the same process once every week. I did not want to be in a hurry to give things away & wanted to take my own time, so that by the end of the process, I do not end up remorseful.

I am happy to report that I am down from 5 book shelf’s to about 2 book shelf’s of books. ( I am a Lawyer, & I do need a lot of reference books so can’t get rid of them, that limits my giving away )

Because I went about this process slowly, giving away a few books at a time, I could actually do it. I might get down to further reducing the Books I own eventually. This is just the start of things.

The reason I went with giving away of books in installments is that, If I were to give away my books all at once, well that would never happen. I’d probably have a breakdown or something & put all the books back. When you love something its going to be hard to part with it. And for me, Books are the only things I have free hand with when it comes to spending my money.

So my suggestion to you is, Take your time.

Somehow its the first give away that’s hard. It gets better the second time onward’s.

Another thing, ‘There is No Minimalism Police‘ which keeps a track of exactly how much is Minimalist enough. We can all have our own version of Minimalism.

Minimalism should basically be about keeping just about enough things. Things that you value. Keeping only the things that give you joy or have a utility value for you. You have a choice.

Do share with me in the comments section, how you guys tackle de-cluttering & Giving away things! Can’t wait to hear from you!



Book of the Month for October 2015

For the month of October, I have chosen ‘Everything that Remains’ by The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. The first time I came across the Lifestyle choice of Minimalism was when I heard a ‘Tedx Talk’ given by this duo. Will share my views on the book once I am done reading it. You are also welcome to read the Book with me!



Book Review – Karna’s Wife : The Outcast Queen


Karna is one of the most interesting characters of Indian saga of ‘The Mahabharata’. He is the Tragic Hero, whose story will haunt you for days after you’ve heard of it. I have read a lot of versions of the Mahabharata previously, So when I came across the book ‘Karna’s Wife : The Outcast Queen’ by debutante author Kavita Kane, where she narrates the story of Karna through the eyes of his wife Uruvi, I was positively  intrigued.

The story unfolds against the backdrop of the Mahabharata.

Uruvi is the Kshatriya princess of the Kingdom of Pukeya. During her Swayamvara ( A Ceremony for choosing a husband from among st many suitors) she chooses ‘Karna’ the Sootaputra ( Somebody from lower castes) as her husband over the Golden Boy, Arjuna, her childhood friend, a Kshatriya prince,  whom she was almost guaranteed she would marry. With this very act of defiance , we get a glimpse of the kind of strong willed woman Uruvi . However  little did she realise then that this journey of being the wife of Karna was never going to be an easy. She would have to face the resentment from the very people she loved, people she had known all her life.

Because of her wedding to Karna, we can see a veil come up between her & the Kingdom of Hastinapur  which since her childhood had been a place where she spent many a happy days in the company of Arjuna, her friend & Kunti the mother of the Pandavas & Bhishma Pitamah.

The author goes on to describe events leading up to the famous battle of Kurukshetra. She describes various facets of Karnas life, From his friendship with Duryodhana, his relationship with the Pandavas, the attraction between him & Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas & his relationship with his family & his first wife Vrushali.

The book is written so beautifully that it is hard to imagine that it is the author Kavita Kane”s first work.

She has handled every character with such beauty & finese that even the negative characters like Duryodhana , Ashwathama just appear to be flawed humans instead of vicious villains of the Mahabharata.

However it is the character of Uruvi that I am most drawn to, The strong willed princess & the anchor of Karna’s life during each phase of his life. Her struggles to cope with a life as an outcast queen to her extreme love for Karna. From trying to counsel him about picking the side of dharma to her helplessness over her husbands decision & finally his death. You just cant help but feel for Uruvi.

Kavita Kane has done a beyond brilliant job with the book. The Proof of which is when Karna dies in the book you cant help but want to weep for the unforfunate tragedy of his life. The Child of the Sun God  & Princess Kunti, born with a magical protective armour , the benevolent king, the selfless giver, who should have been destined for greatness  but ended up dead on a battlefield because of the Fates .

The narration of the novel & especially the end is so beautiful, it will break your heart. Such is the power of Kavita Kane’s writing.

For all the lovers of Mythology & even otherwise. It is a must read! I highly recommend it.

Karna's wife, author

Kavita Kane, The Author of Karna’s Wife : The Outcast Queen.

If you have read ‘Karna’s Wife : The Outcast Queen’, do let me know how you liked it.

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Till Next time.

Arpita xo

Book of the Month for September 2015!


For the month of September, I have chosen Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up’! I have heard great reviews about it. Its sold around 2 million copies worldwide. Thanks Estee for recommending the book! Will do a review once I am done reading it! You guys are welcome to read it with me!