Have yourself a Good Morning – I !

For me, the way I begin my morning, sets the tone for the rest of my day. So I thought why not begin my Mind – Body – Soul Balance series with a post on working towards starting off the day on a Positive, Fresh, Happy & Balanced note.

So today, instead of hitting the snooze button & rushing with the rest of the morning, I resisted the temptation & got out of bed & freshened up.

I knew I wanted to establish an early morning ritual for myself & keeping that in mind , I decided to start my Journey towards achieving Balance in my life with a morning spiritual practice that is given a lot of importance in my religion, Hinduism & my country, India.

I decided to give Arghya to the Sun ( Offering water to the Sun).


In India, Sun is treated as a God & According to the Hindu Vedic scriptures, offering water to the Sun God in a copper vessel is given a lot of important.

I think it is really important to begin your day positively and having a spiritual base to it. Connecting with the higher power fills you with a sense of peace & fulfillment. It also helps you get centered & focused. Isn’t that the best space to be in during the earliest part of the day?

Go on, Customize it your way. It can be something as simple as a Thank you god for another beautiful day & staying in that space of gratitude for a minute.  Just try & get into that space within yourself where you feel peaceful, fulfilled & supported. Most religions have their own morning spiritual practices. Why not follow some from your religion.

If you are not religious, go connect with mother nature, observe the sun rising, the bird chirping, the cool flow of morning breeze. Just have a little morning ritual, that gets you in the inner happy space.

Once you are in that space, happy & fresh get on with the rest of your morning.

What I do with the rest of my morning, stay tuned!  More on that in the next post.

What is your early morning ritual to get centered? Let me know in the comments section!




The New Year is Here!!!!


Dear Friends,

Here’s wishing you a Fabulous & Fulfilling New Year!

May all good things come your way & may you be forever blessed!

All my Love,


Memorable Moments of 2015 Tag!!

2015 has really been a really good year for me. I am very grateful to everyone who has in some way or the other made 2015 a year that I will remember fondly.

I usually do this in my Personal Journal, but this year I am doing an Online version as well.

So, here are my most memorable moments of 2015!

Traveling to 4 of the most beautiful countries of Asia


Last Year around this time, I declared that 2015 would be ‘My Year Of Travel’. I had only heard about there being a certain power to the written word. Now I am a believer. Somehow I ended up Traveling to 4 of the most beautiful countries of Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Bhutan. I feel incredibly blessed. It was a dream come true!

Starting a Blog!


In January 2015, I finally decided to have my own Travel Blog. ArpitasTravelogue was born on January 13th 2015. This is the one moment I will always remember fondly & having a Blog has been the best decision I have ever made in my life!

Quitting A Job that was making me Miserable

Although I had the most amazing boss ever, I was just unhappy. It was physically & mentally exhausting & the thought of going to work itself was giving me anxiety. I was afraid of Quitting. This went on for a year. The Trip to Singapore could not have come at a better time. Sometimes removing yourself from the situation helps you arrive at the decisions that are right for you. I had the time to think over my work situation. The decision was made. The day I came back to India was the day I quit my Job. It was the best decision ever.

Joining Blogging101


This is one Course that every Blogger, new/experienced alike needs to take up! Almost everything I know about Blogging, I learned during the course! I also met some fabulous fellow bloggers who are now dear friends. You guys know who you are! I loved it so much, I am going to be doing it again this January!

Becoming a Minimalist

This was a life altering decision & also the right one. My journey towards Minimalism started with a Tedx Talk by a duo who call themselves ‘The Minimalists’. I knew immediately this was the right Lifestyle choice for me. Somehow I met Debbie during the same time. I was so impressed by her lifestyle!  I decided then & there that this was something I wanted to live by. I read books, spoke to people & gave away tons of stuff. My Journey is documented in the Minimalism section of this Blog. Its worked for me beautifully.

Moving to a New Apartment


I have always wanted to live closer to Nature. I love having trees & greenery around, the birds chirping, open space, fresh air. I found a place that offered me all of the above, plus a beautiful view of the mountains right from my bedroom window! I love how peaceful & quiet it is here. Plus my moving helped me really become a Minimalist in so many ways. I got with me, only what I needed. Gave the rest away to charity.

Reaching my Health Goals

I am finally where I need to be as far as my health is concerned. The Job I quit was affecting my health negatively. I was stressed all the time, losing weight & some or the other problem would come up. Now, that I am happy doing what I am loving, I have almost no stress, anxiety & am completely fit. Stress is bad for you! No job comes before your health & physical & mental well-being.

Learning II levels of Reiki

I have always wanted to learn Reiki & finally I took time out this year, to make it happen. I am a level II Reiki practitioner & I am loving it.

Learning how to Cook


You tube is my Cooking Teacher! I learned how to cook everything from scratch. The best way to learn hoe to cook I feel is by watching how it is done. You Tube has made lives very easy for those who wish to learn how to cook. Laura Vitale, Vahchef, Sanjeev Kapoor’s are some really great cooking channels on Youtube. Honestly, cooking is fun, you only need to have the passion for it! Now that I can cook, I enjoy putting together meals for my family and friends & I love it!

Connecting with you, my wonderful readers

I cannot even begin to explain how much I have loved interacting with you & getting to know all of you. I am very very grateful to all of you guys for your love & constant support. I feel incredibly blessed!

I would love to hear about your most memorable moments of 2015 as well! I think of it as a fun way to recollect the good times & be grateful for the blessings that the Lord has so kindly bestowed upon us!

Tagging you guys – @sashay909 @thinkervo @dalees107 @drmegsorick @piyushavir @shinepositivepower. Also anyone else who wants to go ahead & do the Tag, please feel free!!

Thank you for your Love!

Happy Holidays!!



Fan Girl Moment 2 – Dancember 2015!


Never in a million years did I think I’d be featured on Itsjudyslife Vlogs! This is like an early Christmas present!!

My full name along with the amount I donated was featured, but I blurred the details out for privacy reasons.

Please support ‘Dancember 2015’!!! Let us help feed those, for whom good & clean food is a luxury. We spend thousands on clothes & gifts during the Holiday season. Donate a bit of it, as little as $5 or $10 for the less fortunate. Believe me it will make a difference. You can find a link for ‘Dancember 2015’ donation page on my Blog page or here


To find out more about the charity event Dancember 2015, read here.



I was a Guest Blogger!


Hi Guys!

A few days back, I was invited to do a Guest Post by a friend & fellow Blogger Glai of OhmyGlai. Check out her blog here.

I think she has one of the most amazing blogs I have ever come across. She writes on such diverse things. From Travel to Food, Life Lessons to Events, Creativity & so much more.

I love her work & I think her posts are always so well done. Everything is just perfect, from her writing style to her pictures & don’t even ask about the food, it looks so delish!

Given my love for her blog, you can only imagine how happy I was that she invited me to be a part of her One Year Blog Anniversary celebrations & write a Guest Post for her blog on such a Joyous occasion!

Here is the Guest Post! 7 Things I Learned in my 20’s!

I will be very happy if you guys wish her a Happy First Blog Anniversary & show her blog some love! ( Don’t forget to check out her latest Travel Series on Switzerland, the pictures are to die for! )

Let me know what you think about the post!

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Coffee with Me!


Hello friends,

Its November already! Just a month & few more days & the New Year will be here already! Somehow the last two months are my favorite time of the year. The action packed months are behind us & its time for reflection.

This time however, the last two months of the year are totally action packed for me. I have moved to a new apartment & am doing my best to settle in . Its still a lot of work & it might be the beginning of December for things to finally fall in place & for the apartment to become become a home.

I have tried my best to arrange my apartment keeping in mind the spirit of Minimalism.

I have managed to let go of more books & have just the right amount of them & freeing a lot of space in the process. Never in a million years would have thought of giving away as many books as I have, in the last month

I will be giving you guys a tour of my Minimalist room in my upcoming Blog post! So Stay tuned!

I am also really really sorry guys, I have not been able to reply to all the wonderful comments you have left on my posts. The reason being, not have a wifi connection set up yet in the new place. The phone net is also not so great because of the location of the apartment.

The new apartment is very close to nature & I have a fabulous view of a beautiful mountains & trees from my window. It has a park attached for walks in the evening & also a track for running. It is almost a forced disconnection from the world of Internet.  Please be patient with me!

On a different note, so many of you guys are taking Nanowrimo challenge! I love reading all your updates on twitter & I am looking forward to reading all of your fabulous work! I wish you the very best with it!

Although, I won’t be blogging as much in the coming week or two, there will be some amazing Guest Posts lined up! So give these fabulous Bloggers your love!

I don’t know how many of you have noticed but there has been a change in the Title of the site, from ‘Arpita’s World’ to ‘It’s Arpita’s Life’! Change is good sometimes 🙂

That’s all from me for now, looking forward to hearing from you guys! Enjoy the last two months of the year, make the most of them & be grateful for all your blessings!

All my love,


Guest Post – Can you have a Perfect Marriage?

The Perfect Bride, Now how to have the perfect marriage?
The Perfect Bride, Now to have the perfect marriage?

We had it all! Our dream careers, making good incomes, a beautiful custom built home in a great climate with a swimming pool, a beautiful healthy daughter, our health and we were a match made in heaven!

So we thought. After 13 years of marriage, working hard and supporting each to obtain our dream jobs, we divorced. Everyone was shocked. We were the “perfect couple” since we didn’t fight, we seemed to like the same things and we just were a fun couple to be around because we didn’t seem to have any issues.

But we did have issues. And these are the same issues we now see in most marriages that seem to be struggling.

We love sharing about our marriage, our failures, and our successes. We have a story to tell and we happily share it. We married young, ages 21 and 22. We had a great start, first of all, having so much in common. But most important, we shared the same faith and felt our Lord meant for us to be together.  Sadly, after what appeared to be 13 years of bliss, we divorced. It was devasting. We had a six-year-old daughter to think about. It should never have happened. And thankfully, we had a miracle as we were able to reconcile and remarry. We never imagined our “end game.”  We never knew  how much we would love our grandchildren.  In fact, we totally changed our lifestyle to be able to spend more time with them. We’ve now been happily married over 40 years and travel full time in our motorhome. To most people, we are living a dream life and to us, it is!

We were asked if we could share the secret to a long marriage and happy marriage. In fact, four years ago, we began a blog to share about our marriage and you can read about it here. We thought we shared most everything we could about our reconciliation and what “formula” we used to restore our marriage.  (We do have the formula that worked for us to have the BEST marriage.)


After some thought and reflection, thinking back over our 40 years and observing so many other marriages, we’ve discovered the really simple solution to STARTING out right-and then maintain it for the long haul. And we do know it because we did start out right….So what happened?

Before I explain further, it’s important to explain we are Christians.  And we believe as Christians, we are in a covenant marriage, an agreement with each other and with God.  There were conditions to this covenant: To love, honor, cherish, forsake all others, to love in good time and bad times, we pledged to each other before God.

We really don’t know what people of other faiths do to ensure their marriages will succeed. We would love to hear from people of other faiths who have had a similar experience. Nor do we know how atheists or people without a faith based belief system do it. We would love to learn and hear these other thoughts and ideas as well. But for us, we’ve realized this simple truth, but yet, it does require dedication. And isn’t that true of anything?  For example, your career, artistic talents (such as painters, dancers and musicians), your hobbies (such as blogging, exercising), or sports (whether you play on a team or are a golfer). It takes dedication to succeed in anything. Right?

Well, started with this belief, but we did not consciously focus on it.  In fact, we didn’t really take it seriously. We broke our covenant marriage.

For us, it all boils down to this:


Jesus was asked what is the greatest commandment by a Pharisee who was considered to be “an expert in the law” (Matthew22:34–36). Jesus answered by saying, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and most important commandment. The second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.  All the Law and the Prophets depend on these two commandments” (Matthew 22:37–40).

If you and your spouse believe in this and ACT on it, your marriage will be a success.  You see, we started our marriage with this belief, then the things of the world took our focus away: our jobs, buying and selling houses (we moved around), financial concerns in spite of good jobs, unhappiness with our choices of where to live, we couldn’t agree on which church to attend and in 13 years, we divorced.  To learn more, you can read how important forgiveness was for us to start over!

We enjoy some reality TV shows. One favorite is Survivor. If you are watching it, the theme, this season is called, “Second Chances.” The contestants were on previous seasons but were all losers. These losers are given a second chance this season to be the winner.  So far, it seems the contestants have not learned from their past mistakes. We are so grateful we did and it is by our faith, we are the winners this season!




More on Debbie

Debbie and her husband are minimalists, who travel full time in their recreational vehicle. They have a travel blog (TheTumbleLees.me) and call themselves the Tumble Lees, a play on their name and tumbleweeds. They planned to travel where ever the wind blows them, but their grandsons have stolen their hearts and they now spend a month or two with them, travel two or three months, then back with them.  Debbie has a second blog which focuses on her voice as she continues to live out her spiritual journey in public, which you can check out here.

Connect with Debbie L on Twitter @dalees107 or on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/TheTumbleLeesTravelAdventures

Book Review – Life Changing Magic of Tidying up.

g_042815_kondo_goodmanI have been hearing about this book for the longest time, both on Youtube & Blogs alike but somehow never got around to getting it because I was not so much into the organizing & decluttering.

It was only after I was I watched the Tedx talk by the Minimalists & really got thinking about how I wanted to live my life, that I almost drew this book to me. I was discussing Minimalism with my friend Estee, & she recommended that I read this book. I had seen a lot of difference in her space for sometime now, so I finally went ahead & ordered my own copy of this book.

I must say the book offers some really good advice when it comes to tidying up & is a great book to read if you are about to start your decluttering journey.

Marie has some great advice to offer. Here are some of them.

Marie advises that instead of going step by step when it comes to tidying, a better approach is to get it done once and for all. Like if you plan on tidying up just do it all.

Also instead of tidying up location wise, it is better to go category wise instead. Example – Instead of sorting things going Room my Room it is better to pick a category, say Clothes & sort out all the clothes you own. Move on to the next category, say Shoes, in which case you Sort out all your shoes at once.

When she is goes to a clients home to help him tidy his possessions, & when they are Tidying category wise. Say, they are tidying Clothes/Books. She insists that the client bring out every single piece of clothing/Book that they own & place it in front of them & go through them all at once.


(In fact she mentions that if anything is left out after that point, will go straight to the give away pile, which i think is drastic!)

Marie encourages the owner to use their intuition to sort the things they own. ‘Does an item Spark Joy’ is the question the owner should ask oneself as he holds each item. If it does, it needs to be kept, If it doesn’t they should let it go.

( That really makes sense to me. We all know the stuff that really brings us joy & we wont hesitate for a second to keep it. but there are stuff that we have in our possession just because we paid money for it. Its a technique I now use when I have to decide on what to keep & what to give away)

I also liked the suggestions she gives on how to fold our clothes in order to make more space in our wardrobes.

(c) dailysavings.wordpress.com

I am going to try that out as I move my clothes into my new wardrobe soon. Its really something useful.

Marie also insists on not letting your family see what you are giving away!

( Golden words I say, I never ever clean when my family is around because whenever I am about to give things away, my mother always finds things from the pile which she thinks might be useful to her, but honestly never makes use of even once! )

Another thing Marie insists upon is not making your parents house a place to store the stuff you don’t need. We usually give away things we don’t use to our parents, thinking they might put them to good use, but it seldom happens & we end up cluttering their house in the process!

There are very few instances where I don’t agree with Marie’s ways. Say for example each day when she gets back home, she empty’s her hand bag & places its content ( train pass, wallet ) in places she has assigned to it!

(I mean, Its great if it works for her but I need almost the same things in my handbag everyday. My travel pass, Money purse, Id cards, So it saves me time in the morning to just have it in there at all times)

Also when it comes to mementos, we all get a little sentimental & keep somethings that have memories attached to it. And I would want to keep them. So giving them away is not something I can do. Its okay to be a little attached to stuff, we are human beings.

Other than the above, I did like the book a lot. Marie writes about how tidying affects our lives positively. It sure does, I feel it since I have started the process of Minimizing my possessions.


She has given examples of how people have lost weight, changed careers, found their passion in work & life alike after organizing & tidying their spaces!

I liked the structure of the book & also the ways of the author, she seems like such a kind & gentle soul as she shows respect towards her things & possessions. Its endearing.

I do recommend it & can finally see what the buzz about the book is really about! Overall a great book to start if you are looking for ways to declutter & Tidying up your space.

If you have read the book, do let me know how you liked it in the comments section below.



A Loving Home!


The other day, I was reading something written by Agatha Christi & came across this beautiful quote from her, where She writes, “One of the Luckiest things that can happen to you in life, is to have a happy childhood & a loving home‘.

Isn’t that so true?

I cannot stress enough on the importance of a good Home. It is not only the place where you are born, but also a place where you become yourself.

I am one of those lucky people who have had a happy childhood & had a loving home.I have the fondest memories from my childhood. Growing up, we were nine people living under the same roof. It was my grandparents, me, my parents, my dads older brother, his wife & their two daughters.

There was always laughter in the house. Birthdays, Anniversaries,  Festivals were celebrated happily with great enthusiasm together! There were always relatives, cousins, family friends visiting. It felt like a circus then but now when I reminisce, they have become my most fondest memories.

Family sharing meal

My parents were both working , tried their best to give me everything that I needed. I was always well looked after & very very Loved. The greatest gift I got from them was their complete attention when they were with me & the way they always had time for me.

Today, as a grown up, I don’t really remember the materialistic things I had growing up. But I remember every happy memory spent in the company of my family. The drives my dad used to take me on, when he taught me how to ride a cycle, when we got a fish tank or when we got a dog! I remember my mom taking me out for walks, getting drenched in the rain, playing Shopkeeper game with her! I remember mu Uncle buying us Coca Cola the first time it was introduced in India & our trips to a Family friends farm house. I remember the fights & loving times with my cousins! That is what I remember.

I hope when I have children of my own, I can give them what I was so blessed to have. I wish that for every child in the world. childhood

A happy & loved child will be a secure adult when he grows up.

Love is the greatest gift of all, especially the one that parents give their children, because it is the only form of love that is unconditional.

If there is one thing I know, it is, ‘A happy childhood lasts forever’.