Almost a month in.. & taking French Language classes!

Its almost been a month since I last posted about my wanting to start with My Year of Less. So here is an update of how it has been for me so far.

It was a relatively successful month for me as far as not buying anything new. ( Almost ) My handbag that I carry to work gave away & I had no other option but to replace it. So I did buy a handbag for myself.

Also the 1 exception I made was a book a month. So I did get a book – Hiding in the Bathroom by Morra Aarons- Mele. Will be reviewing this book for sure as it speaks about a subject I am really into ( more on that in a later post )


( To rectify this situation, in terms of spending less , I have subscribed to Amazon Kindle unlimited, so I wont be buying anymore books, Here’s hoping!! )

I have not managed to give away anything yet, but will get to that soon.

Another update about my life –  I am taking French classes , starting next month!


It has been on my to do list for soooo long now. I have finally found a great teacher who is willing to accommodate me & my schedule & help me at my pace. Any tips for from others who have taken French language classes? Any tips will be helpful!

I would love to have people who speak fluent French leave me some comments about picking up the accent & also any suggestion on what might help me on my french language journey! See you in my next post!

xoxo Arpita