Have a Dream & a Coffee Can!

I personally believe that so important to have a Dream. Something you wish to do, wish to have, wish to experience. Something that keeps you going in life.

My dream ever since I was a child was always Traveling around the world.

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When I was 7, my Mom got a Game for me that came with a World Map & a Couple of knowledge cards. The whole purpose of the GAME was to help me improve my knowledge of the world ( Life of an Asian Kid! ) It involved 2 players. The first had to point out a place on the map & the second player had to ask a Question relating to the place from the Knowledge cards & vice-versa. The player that got the most correct answers would win!

I would play by the rules with my mom & dad but my childhood best pal Nikita & I, we had our own interesting version of the game! We would each take chances at picking a location on the map & pretend we were out to explore that place & would have our own Imaginary adventures!

Other times we were owners of a pretend Travel agency. Air-hostesses the next. But it was always something Travel related. This went on for a very long time with the two of us!  It was very clear to whoever witnessed our play, that we would both suffer from a chronic case of Wanderlust as adults!

Yep, that’s her!

Today Nikita lives in Australia & travels around the world in her spare time & tries out all the adventure sports there are to try out! As for me, I travel enough to have Travel Blog.

I think the only reason why both of us did end up seeing the world as Adults is because every since we were children, that was our greatest Dream & coupled with it was also an intense desire for it to come true & doing everything we could that would help on the way to it.

I often get comments on my Blog, where people tell me that they wish to Travel, see the world, meet new people & experience wanderlust for themselves, but cannot. They have their own reasons as to why they cannot do so. They vary from having a family to look after, an old person to care for, a career that does not allow them to take time off or financial issues. And honestly, I get it. They are genuine reasons. I always wondered what the right response to these comments was.

It was yesterday when while watching a previous Super Soul Sunday episode of Oprah with Elizabeth Gilbert that I found the answer.


Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the amazing Book ‘Eat,Pray, Love’, narrated a story a reader of hers shared with her. I am going to share that story with you.

The readers mother ( lets call her Amy) was born in a typical Irish catholic home in the 50’s & did what her mother & her grandmother & every other woman in her family had done before her. She got married at 18 & went on to have 5 kids in a row.

When Amy was 28, her husband left her. Just up & left. Amy was then left with 5 kids to raise. Her eldest then was 10 & the youngest 2 months old. The burden of holding her family together was on her & she did it take it upon herself to look after them as well as she could. It took a lot of efforts & sacrifices on her part which was pretty heroic in itself.

But there was also this one thing that she did, when it dawned upon her that her husband was never coming home again.She promised herself that her life would not always look this way, filled with so much sorrow, so much poverty & so much oppression in it. She promised herself that one day she would travel the world on her own.

She then got herself a coffee can, a regular coffee can. She kept it at the back of her cupboard where her children could not see it & everyday since the day her husband left, she put one dollar a day in it.

Amy knew there were always going to be hard times & there was always going to be trouble with money but one dollar was something she could spare. She never touched those coffee cans all the years & continued to put in one dollar every single day filling coffee cans after coffee cans.

After 20 years when her kids were all grown up & when her last kid left her house, that she finally cashed in those coffee cans & brought herself a ticket to travel around the world alone, as she had promised herself she would do!


This exceptional story of heroism & Dreams answers almost every question relating to our quests. Whether it be traveling the world, writing a book, running the marathon or something else. What I want to convey through this story is simple.

Don’t give up on your quest! Keep the dream alive! Have a plan!

If you don’t have a Dream yet, I encourage you to have one from this coming year.

Take a birds eye view of things. Sometimes we don’t get things instantly. We have to wait for the right time for them to come true & honestly that’s okay. It took me a long time to make my dream of traveling the world come true, but now, almost 20 years later it is finally happening for me. It will happen for you too.


Get a dream, keep your dream alive & get that Coffee Can ( A literal one or a Planner in its place, whichever is relevant)

Let us together declare the coming year as ‘The Year of the Coffee Cans ( & have lot of coffee in the process, wink wink 😉 )

I would love to hear about your dreams & plans too! Do leave them in the comments section of this post!

Much Love,




Time to Disconnect!

We live in a world where technology has advanced to such an extent that you can get in touch with a person residing on the other side of the planet within a mater of seconds. You are constantly connected with people at any given time, you are constantly accessible .


I have been one of those people who would update their Facebook, use Watsapp & Bbm for personal & work related matters, answer my phone every single time it rang, & have gone to bed & woken up in the morning having my smart phone constantly on me.

I have Attended almost every single social function I was invited to. Ansered work calls & attended to my clients even when I was on a family holiday thereby missing on all the fun! I am sure I am not the only one out here who has done that!


However there came a time when that joy of connection turned into an obligation. I was almost like a burnout. And I started to think to myself, Do we really need to be constantly connected all the time?

The answer is was No, we didn’t. We just do it out of obligation. A kind of societal pressure we face, that’s causing us a lot of stress!

The truth is we do not have an obligation to make ourselves available all the time. I think it is extremely important especially in the age of such constant connections to periodically disconnect & to simply be.

Its important that we set boundaries for ourselves.

How do we do that?

Try & leave your cell phone at home next time you go out for a family dinner. Stare at the face of your family member or spouse instead of your smart phone screen. Give them your full attention without the distraction of your phone buzzing every now & then.


Have no phone zones in the house like the dining room & the bedroom! If not no phone zones you can have a time limit set beyond which you will not be available on your cell phone to people. You have special features these days on phones where they have the no disturb timings settings.

Delete Social Networking apps from your phone! The urge to constantly use your smart phone is primarily because of having these apps on your phone! If you have to use Social Networking, do that when you log in through your desktop!

I strongly suggest having a Gadget Free holiday! Be conscious not to use them as much as you can when you go traveling.  People did travel when there were no cell phones & did not get lost (if using Google maps is your excuse!) Enjoy the glory of mother nature & appreciate the beautiful things that you might otherwise miss!


Spend time with yourself, Spend the time you would have spent on your cellphone on your own self! Do some old fashioned reading, or just be! When was the last time you did that?

People, Its okay not to answer every single phone call, its okay not to check your mails everyday, its okay to not post update of every activity you’ve done on Facebook & its okay to not attend every event you are invited to. Connections are Important, don’t get me wrong, But more so now, Its important to learn the joys of Disconnection.

DO IT FOR YOURSELF, you will be glad you did .

The 10 Lessons!

10 Amazing Lessons to remember!

Goin' the extra..aaamile

Every year I learn something, this year however..the lessons have been more. I have learnt it the hard way..

Below are 10 texts that summarize my year


05Yes!!..the dangerous animal. BEWARE

06TRUST. If no one else, I trust in HIM. He knows me better than anone else and I know HE will see me through

07.pngA double negative..and yes that’s positive. People should learn that.. ‘m tired of correcting people.

08It’s not always an ‘I Love You’..I pay attention

09Yes, people should know that.

… and lastly


I write for myself, not to impress but to EXPRESS. 


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Why does Life knock you down?

I came across this quote on Twitter today & it got me thinking. Often times, we come across unpleasant situations in our everyday lives. Situations that make us feel we do not have the courage nor strength to go on any longer. Times when life gets us down on our knees. When we reach rock bottom.

It can be in the form of  losing your job, end of your marriage, being betrayed by your friend. People’s lives are rarely what they put on display on their Facebook profiles. Not every turn is a happy one.

I have had my share of trials , I’ve been down on my knees, hit rock bottom.

However, I did realize one thing. When we reach rock bottom, there is no place to go but up! Reaching rock bottom teaches us more about ourselves that success ever can. Every end is a new beginning. We just have to change the way we perceive things.

I really like this little note of wisdom that Annie Lennox offers.


Rock Bottom can be a highly trans-formative experience, if only we learn to pay attention to the lessons its brings with it. It makes us reflect on our decisions. Its a space between action & reaction. Its the space to rebuild ourselves, reflect on our choices that got us where we are & nudges us to slow down for a while.

We sometimes don’t see the reason as to why something bad should happen to us. But later, when we are ready to look back at it, with experienced eyes, the reasons becomes clearer to us. The dots connect.

Have you been knocked down by life? Experienced the Rock bottom? What lessons did the experience bring with it? Let me know in the comments section below.



Living Through the Lens

Living Through the Lens

We are a self proclaimed Selfie crazed generation! Every beautiful place we visit, its almost out of instinct we grab our cameras to try & capture the perfect image or click that perfect selfie!

I have to admit, I am no different from the rest.

Being a Travel Blogger I have my focus on taking that perfect picture every time, every place, that I can upload on my Blog as soon as I can get down to it.

However, I realized during my trip to Thailand, when we were visiting this beautiful garden. It had the most gorgeous flowers, fountains & butterflies! However, instead of enjoying the greenery or taking the time to appreciate the beauty with which mother nature had graced the place, most of us were busy clicking pictures! Click Click Click everywhere!

For me, that was then I realized that many times when we travel, we almost, all the time, live through the lens! May it be the lens of our camera or of our phones! We are just in the mad craze of capturing everything, everywhere. We forget that the place where beauty can be best captures is in our minds as memories!

I did not click many pictures in that garden from that point on & have very few images of that beautiful place.

I could not post a lot of images on my blog, just a few & you know what? Its okay, because I have the images of the most gorgeous flowers, fountains & butterflies in my mind.

I just want to say to you guys, take in the beauty, appreciate it, really look at it. Lets enjoy the experience exclusively for sometime. I am not saying don’t take images at all. But don’t let your travel be all about image taking.

You might lose Images from your camera or your phone, but never the ones from your mind & memories.


Arpita xo

Things I’ve learned from Carrie Bradshaw!

SATCCarrie Bradshaw is the central character of the popular HBO series “Sex & the City’. Although I am not a huge fan of the show, there is just something about her character that I really like.

Because Carrie Bradshaw, is a columnist in the show & she writes about her observations on New York, Friendships, Romantic relationships, Fashion among other things . I did like some of her observations, which I share with you here :

  • Water is the most important element in life, because without it, you can’t make Coffee!
  • After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breathe and reboot.
  • Don’t forget to fall in Love with yourself First.satc
  • Life gives you a lot of chances to screw up, which means you have Just as many chances to get it right.
  • May be our mistakes are what make our Fate.
  • The most important thing in life is your Family. There are days you love them, and others you don’t. But in the end, they are the people you always come home to. Sometimes it’s the family you’re born into and Sometimes its the family you make for yourself.


  • In life we do things. Some we wish we had never done. Some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads. But they all make us who we are. And in the end they shape every detail about us. If we were to reverse any of them we wouldn’t be the person we are. So just live, make mistakes, have wonderful memories. But Never ever second guess Who you are, Where you have been and most Importantly, Where it is you are going.
  • Some love stories aren’t epic novels, some are short stories. But that doesn’t make them any less filled with love.
  • The most exciting and challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And If you find someone to love the you that you love, that’s just fabulous.
  • They say nothing lasts forever, Dreams change, Trends come & go but Friendship is one Label that never goes out of style.


If you are a fan of the show or the movie, let me know some of your favorite moments, characters or quotes from the show, in the Comments section below!


Arpita xo