Have yourself a Good Morning – I !

For me, the way I begin my morning, sets the tone for the rest of my day. So I thought why not begin my Mind – Body – Soul Balance series with a post on working towards starting off the day on a Positive, Fresh, Happy & Balanced note.

So today, instead of hitting the snooze button & rushing with the rest of the morning, I resisted the temptation & got out of bed & freshened up.

I knew I wanted to establish an early morning ritual for myself & keeping that in mind , I decided to start my Journey towards achieving Balance in my life with a morning spiritual practice that is given a lot of importance in my religion, Hinduism & my country, India.

I decided to give Arghya to the Sun ( Offering water to the Sun).


In India, Sun is treated as a God & According to the Hindu Vedic scriptures, offering water to the Sun God in a copper vessel is given a lot of important.

I think it is really important to begin your day positively and having a spiritual base to it. Connecting with the higher power fills you with a sense of peace & fulfillment. It also helps you get centered & focused. Isn’t that the best space to be in during the earliest part of the day?

Go on, Customize it your way. It can be something as simple as a Thank you god for another beautiful day & staying in that space of gratitude for a minute.Β  Just try & get into that space within yourself where you feel peaceful, fulfilled & supported. Most religions have their own morning spiritual practices. Why not follow some from your religion.

If you are not religious, go connect with mother nature, observe the sun rising, the bird chirping, the cool flow of morning breeze. Just have a little morning ritual, that gets you in the inner happy space.

Once you are in that space, happy & fresh get on with the rest of your morning.

What I do with the rest of my morning, stay tuned!Β  More on that in the next post.

What is your early morning ritual to get centered? Let me know in the comments section!




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Welcome to my blog! I am a 20 something Lawyer from India. I like myself some travel whenever I can get away from my work. I decided to take a leap of faith & share my stories with the world through my blog. I hope you enjoy reading my travel tales and stay with me for the ones to come! Also I have a personal blog where I share my everyday experiences & much more! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at arpita087@gmail.com. Let Connect! Cheers!

18 thoughts on “Have yourself a Good Morning – I !”

  1. Hi, Arpita. I guess I’m a bit slow since this was posted two weeks ago. But I am pursuing my goal of getting better acquainted with other members of Blogging World. Also I looking to follow anyone I have not already connected with. I do see some of your posts occasionally but marking follow will keep me up better. I have a deliberate attempt to put some study and good relationship with my Lord, Jesus Christ, generally in the form of prayer and Bible reading. It seems to pay off in less stress and better management of the rest of my day.


    1. Hello! I am happy we reconnected πŸ™‚ I agree with you completely. Connecting with the Divine is the best way to start of the day. It does have such a positive calming effect on your mind. πŸ™‚


  2. You talk of “Sandhya Vandane”
    I loved to read that.
    Look to the profundity of the ancestors knowledge and what they have given to us as golden practices.
    We have to enhance this knowledge and share it.
    I do Pooja after bath.


    1. Our ancestors led such balanced & meaningful lives. I feel we need to re start some of our old customs & practices & share them with others, so everyone can benefit. At my place my mother does the Pooja. I have a little picture of Lord Shiva in my room that I pray to before I leave for work πŸ™‚


  3. I begin my day by being grateful, grateful for everything, it makes me feel more positive and alive. Everyday seems a new opportunity. Tough I am not religious, but whenever I get time I thank God/Allah for everything, good/bad, happy/sad.


  4. Absolutely the best way to start the day! I’m a morning person, so that helps. I start out by thanking God for another day as I wake up. I pray for those who the Lord presses upon me to pray, then I read His Word, the Holy Bible. I hold myself accountable to this as it is easy to get “lazy” and hit the snooze button. So my accountability is to post it on my social media accounts. It may annoy others, but it helps me keep up the practice.
    Great post and good start to your series!

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    1. Praising the Lord is indeed the best way to begin a beautiful new day. Social media is really helpful when it comes to staying on track. I do come across your twitter updates everyday! Its a great practice!

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