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Picture this. You have your day to day responsibilities taken care of. You have all the time in the world. You have all the money in the world. If I were to ask you about that one cause you could throw yourself completely behind. What would that cause be?

If I had it all, the cause for me would be ‘Feeding the Hungry’.


A human being can survive with say a set of clothes & no shelter at least for a while. But if a person is not fed for more than a day or two, his very survival is at stake.

But when I think of it, do we need to have all our worries taken away & have all the money in the world to throw ourselves behind a cause we care for? Can’t we just start where we are. I found this Quote that came from Mother Teresa.


We don’t always have to do things on a grand scale. There are so many ways we can still throw ourselves behind a cause with whatever little that we have.

Now, lets take the example of the cause ‘Feeding the Hungry’. How can you help with that?

These days there are so many charities & organizations that do such amazing work of providing nourishing meals to the poor. Why not volunteer with them. If you can pay for a meal, by all means help out that way by donating money. Or it can be as simple as handing out a homemade food packet to that poor homeless man across the street. Go do that! Just start where you are.

It might not be much for you, but to a hungry person, it is means much more.

feeding the Hungry can also be the Animals & Birds. Feed them too. It takes very little. Like Human Beings, hunger affects them too. Leave a bowl of water & some food for them on the deck or terrace as well. Every life is equally important in the eyes of our maker.

So, the way I interpret throwing yourself behind a cause does not translate to Throwing yourself behind a Cause when you have it all. It means this.


So this year, I welcome all my Bloggers friends to embrace the Blogger with a cause Tag. Select a cause you are passionate about & make a commitment to it this entire year. It can be Feeding the Hungry, Helping the Homeless, Giving away clothes to Charity, Educating a Child or the one that speaks to you.

Let us make 2016 a year, when we make a difference in our own little way. Blogging is a platform that takes your thoughts & initiatives across the boundaries. Use it!

I invite all of my fellow blogger friends to participate in this Blogger with a Cause Tag.

Here are links to some Great Organizations that work towards Feeding the Hungry sent by some amazing fellow bloggers. If you are already involved with some great charitable institutions working with great causes, feel free to leave a link in the comments section & a brief description of the same!

FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN – ( Submitted by Whitney Parchman )

COMPASSION – ( Submitted by Rashmi )

CONVOY OF HOPE – ( I usually donate here)

GIVE INDIA – ( Another one from me)

Together Let us make a difference.

We can. We will.





34 thoughts on “Blogger with a Cause – Tag

  1. I love your thought process. So often we think we can’t make a difference for whatever reason, but standing behind a cause and finding how you can contribute even in a small manor is so important. Thank you for the inspiring post. I love to serve, and this last year I got burned out from it. It’s time for me to start asking myself some questions and jump in somewhere.


    1. Thank you so much. When one believes very strongly in something burn outs are common, especially when it comes to social causes. There is just so much there is, that can be done. It is good that you decided to take a break. Take your time to bounce back! 🙂


  2. Hi Arpita, thank you for sharing this. I can say that those 7 courses I mentioned to you about resonates with this. It is more about creating a lasting change, social impact and giving ability to communities/people to be able to sustain and feed themselves with the help of worthwhile projects. I really hope that you will be able to take those courses. They are not yet offered but I will advise you once they are. Also, my classmates there are planning to create a site where the topics are more about philanthropy, social business, other positive topics that helps others. I will share to you and the forum once it materialized. Still I agree, even a pat on the back, a hug, an ear to listen can have a lasting impact to someone else. Miss you my friend. Hugs to you with lots of love 🙂


      1. Hello Arpita, I posted the links on the forum. I hope you will be able to see them. There’s a new course this January in Acumen entitled Storytelling, I hope you will be able to sign up. 🙂 Blessings to you!


  3. Great post for a very good cause Arpita. I have sponsored a child, something I do every year. His entire expense including food, clothes and education is taken care of by me. If you or any of your friends are interested, I can share the link to sponsor.

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