Book of the Month – December!

Hi guys!

The Book I have chosen to read this month is, ‘The Bad Girl’s Guide to getting what you want’ by Cameron Tuttle.


Since the Holiday season is almost upon us, I was wanting to read something that funny & an easy read & will put me in a great spirit. Its been a long time since I read something that is typically Chic Lit. ( I love Chic Lit)

This book is a follow up to the very popular ‘Bad Girls Guide to the Open Road’. I haven’t read that one yet, but I hear it is equally good. I downloaded samples of both from Amazon on my Kindle, but in the end, this book fascinated me more!

The author Cameron Tuttle’s ambition is to make the world a badder place one girl at a time. So let us see if she can add another one to her count by the end of this month!

Has anyone read this one yet?

Do share your thoughts if you have in the comments section below!




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12 thoughts on “Book of the Month – December!”

      1. Me! Grrrreat. I finished the autobiography of Benazir Bhutto…long Sad tale. It took me really long to finish it.


      2. Even I was stuck in the mid for a while then I gathered all the will and continued again and here I am today…with another book in my hand…Forge your Future by APJ Abdul Kalam. It is a lighter treat.


  1. Arpita you’re such a doll! If only we lived closer to each other. We could trade books. 🙂 I haven’t had the time for much reading lately but I certainly love a good book. I look forward to your review! xo Whitney


      1. Hi Arpita! I am looking forward to your review. The “No Gift” party was great. Probably our best party to date actually. A few friends gave our son gift cards but we used them to purchase food for our local food pantry. Our son enjoyed picking out the food that would be donated. Thanks for asking! xo Whitney


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