Do you believe in the After Life?

I am a firm believer in the after life. I believe our loved ones never truly leave us. They are around, they can see us, hear us, feel our emotions. The only reason we cannot see them is because they live on a dimension that is different from us.

We can’t see the air we breathe in, but we know it is there, it is just like that.

Hinduism, the religion I practice, supports the concept of after life & talks about it in great details. In Hinduism, we also have an entire month called ‘Pitru Paksha’ that is dedicated to our loved ones who have passed on. ‘Pitru Paksha’ can be loosely translated as the ‘Period of those that have departed.’

I recently came across the show Long Island Medium, where Theresa Caputo, who is a medium, channels messages from those departed. She talks about signs & symbols that we get from our departed ones to let us know of their presence. We only have to recognize them.

It is amazing to see the kind of messages she delivers & the kind of healing she brings to people with her gift. If only more people could understand that our loved ones never truly leave us, they will find peace in their heart & lives.

I know I certainly have.

My intention in sharing this video is just that. I just want the people who are grieving to realize that we are the heaven of our loved ones. They are always around us. They never truly leave us.

I just felt guided to share this message. I just hope it reaches those who are in need of it.

Do check out this episode of the Long Island Medium & leave your comments. Do you believe in the after life?

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10 thoughts on “Do you believe in the After Life?”

  1. I have always been confused by this concept. While I am not looking for any proof of the after life, I do at times find it difficult to believe that our loved ones are around us and not passed/moved onto another life. I feel the idea that the soul moves from one body to another easier to believe though I do not know why!


    1. For me knowing that people I love who are no longer in the physical world, are still around gives me a little bit of peace. Death always is going to be difficult to accept, no matter what.


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