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Our Smart phone has become our most beloved & constant companion in our day to day lives. We spend more time with it, than we do with our families, friends & associates. It is an amazingly useful device for sure, but it is also the greatest distraction of all.

For me personally Minimalism is about allowing only those things in your space that add value to your life.

My Smart Phone certainly was adding value to my life, it served as a phone, Alarm clock, Calculator, iPod, Camera, Shopping Device etc etc etc, but it was also a source of constant distraction. Because of the number of Apps I had on it, every single moment I had to myself, I would spend on my phone. Check Facebook, be tempted by the constant amazing offers on various shopping Apps or replying to the numerous messages I would get on my Watsapp, Wechat, Viber & every other app there is in the world. I would not spend a minute doing nothing!

(It is very very important to have time to yourself where you do absolutely nothing).

So. Once I was done dealing with my clothes, books & almost everything that did not add value to my life, it was time to Minimize the Apps on my SMART PHONE!

I decided to delete Applications that took away most of my time,

Social Networking Apps

I love Facebook, but the App had to go from my smart phone. It took away too much time. Whenever I had nothing to do, I’d take my phone out & scroll through latest updates from Friends. It was happening almost unconsciously, which ain’t good.

I continue to use Facebook, but now, its only from my Laptop or Tablet. Since deleting it from my Smart Phone, my use has come down from once every two hours (from my Phone) to once every two- three days, from my Laptop, Tablet!

Instant Messaging Apps

The Instant Messaging Apps I deleted happily! Watsapp, BBM, Viber so on & so forth ,were actually taking away joy from my life & adding stress instead. The trouble with them is that an immediate answer is expected. The person sending it is even made aware of whether the message has been read or not.

I am a Lawyer, so there are times I cannot get back immediately as use of cellphones in Courtroom isn’t allowed.

A lot of people other than my close friends & family would complain about it. I was perceived as distant & not wanting to connect. That was far from true!

Now that I have deleted these applications, peace has returned! Now the only way to reach me is through phone calls. And I prefer connecting over a phone conversation or ever better, over a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner! It is actually catching up in the real sense instead of mindless everyday messages, sometimes sent to kill time.

Shopping Apps

Amazon is my go to shopping site. As an App on my phone though, it was making me spend too much money on things I did not need. I would just click on the frequent updates on the Latest deals, Great deals most times & shop away! Sometimes I would buy things because I was bored. That is what happens when things are available at the touch of your fingertips.

The App had to go. I am still loyal to Amazon, & almost always buy from them. But now its the things I really need.

Accessing the site from my Laptop. Less frequently.

Needless to say, I save a lot of money these days!

The Apps that you will find on my phone now,

WordPress, Twitter, Instagram & Photography apps. Those that support of my blog.

Blogging adds tremendous value to my life. I use them mindfully. Maximum two- three times a day. I read the amazing things that people write on their blogs & I learn so much from them.

Use the time you spend on Social Networking/Instant Messaging/Shopping Apps mindfully. I use it now to connect with the person sitting next to me Or by looking around & taking in the moment, reading a book, or just closing my eyes & relaxing for a moment.

As I always say, Minimalism is different for each individual.

For me I like my Smart phone now with fewer apps that contribute & add value to my life. You may feel the apps I deleted add value to yours!

Either way works! As long as it adds value to your life.

I’d love to hear your views, as always!

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29 thoughts on “Minimalism – Smart phones”

  1. Hi Arpita! I loved this post – I’ve always thought that minimalism is a great way to create extra space to think. Personally, I’ve always struggled to find a balance between minimalism and sentimental value in my own space (i.e.- I try to avoid clutter but find it so hard to throw away memories)!
    But being minimalistic through your choice of Smartphone Apps is a great idea! We are not losing anything sentimental or particularly special by deleting apps from our phone (apart from apps that support our hobbies and lifestyle, as you suggested). What a great way to give yourself room to think. I completely agree with the notion that time alone to do nothing is extremely valuable. I might just go and delete Facebook from my phone right now 😉


    1. It is very hard to throw away things that have sentimental value, so I don’t! Its really up to you to decide which things you value. We can all have our own version of Minimalism. Facebook deletion is always the first thing I recommend. You save so much time by just deleting a simple App! 🙂

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  2. I have also purged my phone of apps because it seems to cluttered otherwise. Since my family has the same Apple account it’s amazing what appears on my phone. I don’t play games, except for WordWarp when I’m on the stair climber at the gym. It makes the time go by faster.


  3. Hmmm, no, I guess I’m not really a minimalist. Well, I don’t spend much time at Facebook or the other social networks, unless it had to do with my blog. Same goes for Twitter. And yes, Whatsapp can be distracting, but I love staying in contact this way with my family during the day. But only my immediate family, so I guess that’s not too much.

    But when I look at my backlog of videogames to be played, I guess I’m a maximalist 😁

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  4. It is sometimes difficult to make other people understand the phone or messaging apps are for your convenience. Strangely, if I am unable to take my calls within two or three rings, people assume that I am choosing to ignore their calls, instead of realizing that I could actually be occupied elsewhere.
    Sometimes, it really is a hindrance and botheration to have the mobile phones and instant messaging apps. Although, it is a help when you don’t want to be alone and may have to resort to facebook or these apps to kill your boredeom.


    1. Facebook is the most addictive of all, because of which it was the first one that had to go from my phone! You can try deleting it for two days & see how it feels. Divert your attention to something else every time you have the urge to scroll! Try it out!

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  5. I guess I already was/am a Minimalist unknowingly. I mean just before I got to know about minimalism through your blog, I was doing exact thing, that is giving up on needless stuff. Though my journey differs from yours, there are some common things like one mentioned above. Yes, I already have uninstalled needless apps but yeah the number of existing ones was little as compared to yours. 😉 Taking it further, you can actually give up on real life entities like certain habits and moreover people and relationships. I don’t know whether doing that would be counted as an act of minimalism or not but I guess it is necessary to minimize everything that does not add value to your life so be it a thing or living thing or anything else. Now, saying that I obviously don’t mean that you should leave people around you but you see, there exists such people who are just there because we keep them and same is with relationships. Plus, you can narrow your watch list by simply being choosy about entertainment shows, movies and etc. I would really like to know your take on what I just shared. At last, I would like to tell you one harsh reality, in the process of being a minimalist you might get criticized for your decisions and actions so best luck. Do well! 🙂

    PS- I liked the blog theme and I can see the minimalism over here too. 😉


    1. lolzz You have just leaked my future blog topics to the world! They are in fact exactly what I am going to be writing about. But everything at a time is not good. little breather space is necessary between posts for your readers to really go through each of them.
      I completely agree with your opinion on people. I believe, as you make changes in your lives, some people just automatically don’t fit in. Blessing them and letting them go is the best thing to do for yourself & for them.
      Most people don’t understand life style choices made by others, because not every person operates at the same frequency. You are very correct. Will be doing detailed posts on each topic in the future. I would love for you to read them & give me your input! Have a nice day!

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      1. Sure Arpita! Will be reading your posts as and when gets time. Also, to add one more thing here, you can avoid data packs totally on your phone so that it will automatically restrict your access to the apps to greater extent but before you could do that, you might want to make sure that you have a steady source of internet at some place like WIFI at your home/workplace where you can access internet according to your need. I personally follow this method and it has really worked for me.

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  6. Hi Arpita! Excellent post. I am planning a post on how our family gave up TV last summer and our lives are so much better because of it. You are wise to purge your phone of apps that suck your energy and time. Good for you! xo Whitney


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