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Prayers for Paris


I woke up this morning to news of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. It breaks my heart to see innocent lives lost, time & again.

My country, India, has been at the receiving end of such attacks for quite some time now. India has a first hand experience of the such Terrorist attacks, the dread, the fear among citizens for safety & the loss of innocent lives.

So the situation in Paris is all too familiar.

Its Paris today, India yesterday & the United States the day before & many more countries before that.

Its time the International Community comes together & fights Terrorism in all its forms together. Take firm steps, enough of all talks & no action.

Every human life is precious, Be it in Paris, United States, India, Australia or any other nation in the world. Take steps to safeguard it.

For my followers in Paris, & every other place where a number of French people reside, be please be safe. We feel your pain.

Lets us all pray for Paris together & stand with them in their hour of need.


Image Courtesy – Banksy.


3 thoughts on “Prayers for Paris”

  1. join you in this thought. all our prayers with them. hope they get over this soon and emerge victorious. ofcourse, the loss already borne by some can never be compensated but may they get the strength to tide over it.


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