Book of the Month – November!

I am super excited to announce the Book of the month for November! The book is all the more special because it is written by a friend & fellow blogger Margaret Sorick! The novel has it all, mystery, suspense & Romance.

This is the first book of a three book series. The second book ‘Seeing Red’ is out as well. The book is available for purchase both in Paperback & Kindle format on Amazon. You can find a link for the same here.

The author, Margaret Sorick ( Meg for us bloggers ) can be reached via her website here. Do visit her website & show her some love & support!

I hope you guys will join me in reading the book. If you have read it already, do let me know in the comments section how you liked it!

Looking forward to hearing from you, as always.




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Welcome to my blog! I am a 20 something Lawyer from India. I like myself some travel whenever I can get away from my work. I decided to take a leap of faith & share my stories with the world through my blog. I hope you enjoy reading my travel tales and stay with me for the ones to come! Also I have a personal blog where I share my everyday experiences & much more! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at Let Connect! Cheers!

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