Minimalism – Mindful Spending

Today was the day I packed all my belongings here at the old house.Tomorrow, I will be moving my things over to the new apartment.

I am exhausted beyond words!

This experience has made me want to take my Minimalism journey all the more seriously. It baffles me, the amount of stuff I own. Most of it, I have because I can afford to have it, not because I need it.

In spite of the fact that I have given away so much already, so much still remains!

I read an article the other day which said Minimalism was for the rich, the poor do not have a choice, they have very less to begin with. And to be honest, I agree with it. If I did not have the money, I would never own some of the stuff I own.

I think the first thing one needs to do when moving towards wanting to be a minimalist is curbing the urge to spend mindlessly.

My friend Debbie ( check out her blog here ) gave me some really good advice about spending & being a Minimalist. She said, If you have the urge to buy something just because you have the money. Put the money in a jar & watch it grow instead. You can put the same money to some good use later (  which does not include buying useless crap from the mall that you don’t need )

The second advice is, before spending your money on something big, sleep on it for a day or two. Sometimes, we buy things in the spur of the moment & regret it later. The sleeping on it part will save you a lot of money & guilt as well!

These are words I live by now! Thanks Debbie!




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12 thoughts on “Minimalism – Mindful Spending”

  1. Thanks for your post Arpita! I needed the encouragement this morning. My dream is to have a household where nothing extra comes in. I am so burdened by taking care of things and that takes away from the people in my life. In all honesty I hate it! xo Whitney


    1. It is indeed a burden to take of things we don’t even like! I am happy you liked the post. I am sure, slowly but steadily both of us will reach that point where we will have only those things that bring us joy 🙂

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  2. I loved minimalism , i tried and have successful result, but could not be consistent, though i am far better than initial ignorant days !

    1 thought keep on disturbing me now a days , i don’t know i will be able to share with you in right sense or not ?

    But dispassion or de-attachment with Materials with us can also help us in being minimalism !

    No matter how much stuff lying with us , its more of a mind set or intangible thing than physical stuff around you ,

    Wanted to know your opinion on this , with the intention to believe that you are far ahead than me !

    Hope , i have successfully made my point !

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    1. I understand Nisthur Anadi! I think Arpita is busy with her move so I am sure she will reply soon. We were able to get rid of all of our stuff because we were detached to it anyway. Our treasures are our family members and memories created with them.
      I just read another blog about sentimental items and that may also help you and it is what our lifestyle boils down to, relationships.


      1. Thanks for understanding Debbie !

        Indian sages used to posses minimum things them as part of their life style to words dispassion. They used to live in forest .

        Once a very rich man who had wealth like a king had taken sanyasa(act of Leaving every Material and even relations ) and went into forest to live life with bare minimum things .

        There he had created beautiful hut to live , the most beautiful possible among rest of the other sages or saint huts who lives in same forest .
        He put great efforts after collecting the woods and bush etc. to built that hut.

        One senior sage under whom every body practicing meditation and other activities , asked every one to leave the forest and move to different forest .

        When the rich man who had most beautiful hut heard about this , he was sad since he had attachment with his most beautiful hut in that forest.

        Every moment he was thinking , with how much difficulties he had built that hut , it was so beautiful , near to the river and all those good things about that hut.

        When leader saint came to know about this episode, he asked the rich man to go and burn that hut with your hands and come back.

        Here the point is,
        When is used to live in palace he had attachment with palace ,after moving to forest he was attachment with the hut was equally intense.

        Though minimalism had excellent results its first step to wards better life.
        But attachment is the route cause.

        Hope you would have understood my point , i am very bad story teller !
        I have 1 more story to share .

        I have no intention to criticise, i am sole praiser for minimalism.

        Or i don’t know may be i am confused ?

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      2. My husband said true minimalists carry their belongings in a back pack and sleep on the ground! That’s why I put a definition in my blog on what it means to us….basically, we only have our shelter and an automobile to move around. Unlike the rich man, if all this goes up in flames or blows away in a hurricane, we will not be sad! The most important things to us are our family! And we travel all over to visit them and sightsee God’s beautiful creation.
        Yes, I understand it’s what is in your heart about possessions that is the key.
        I hope we understand each other!

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  3. Thanks Arpita! I’m actually in the process of writing our minimalism update and am linking it back to your blog! LOL
    I really like how you are breaking down your journey into minimalism step by step!


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