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Hi guys,

I finally got down to Minimizing my clothes. It was kinda easier for me to go through my clothes because unlike books, I am not completely obsessed with them.

While sorting the clothes, I would hold each one in my hand & decide whether it fit me well, when was the last time I wore it & does it spark joy. If I had not worn something for the past 6 months, I’d put it in the give away pile.

I really like Marie Kondo’s ‘Kon Marie’ method of folding clothes. In her book ‘Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ she describes the best ways to fold various pieces of clothing right from socks to Tees to trousers, its amazing how much space her method saves you. You can find her folding video’s on Youtube. Just search for Marie Kondo’s folding methods for clothes.

My wardrobe now consists of around 10 T shirts/Tops now, & 2 Jeans, 5 Leggings & 4 Trousers & 4 Shirts. I gave away almost 2 bags of clothes to my maids daughter who has just recently started with her college & will appreciate the fancier clothes so much more than I will.

With Clothes I would say, go for it all at once & not space it out like I suggested with Books. However, if you don’t wish to go through all your clothes at once, just go category wise. One day deal with your Tops, next day your jeans/trousers, your home clothes the third, jackets the next etc. For me personally it took me around 4 hours to go through all my clothes & sort them into throw & keep piles. It all depends on how many clothes you own.

Another golden rule I am applying with clothes is, if I am buying a new piece of clothing, I will give away 3 in return. At no given point should my wardrobe overflow with clothes.

Also another thing I might add, if you want to own a set of stylish yet minimalist clothes. Stick with neutral colors. White, Black, Gray & a Little Blue. everything will go well with everything & you will be a little stress free!


I am not saying eliminate color from your wardrobe completely, I have not myself, but somehow I have noticed that I take lesser time to decide what to wear & don’t have to buy additional pieces of clothing because something doesn’t match with something. The Ladies will relate to this struggle!

I really like Marie Kondo’s ‘Kon Marie’ method of folding clothes. In her book ‘Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ she describes the best ways to fold various pieces of clothing right from socks to Tees to trousers, its amazing how much space her method saves you. You can find her folding video’s on Youtube. Just search for Marie Kondos folding methods for clothes.

I would like to hear from you, are you a hoarder when it comes to clothes? What techniques do you use to decide which clothes stay & which go? Let me know in the comments section below!




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36 thoughts on “Minimalism – Clothes”

  1. Interesting post – I am not into hoarding clothes – yes but I do think I could use a bit of space in my wardrobe and as far a folding goes ( I am lazy ) so I just hang them up 🙂 . But I do have old clothes that I keep thinking that I might use them someday ( that never comes ) a few months back I took some of them to the Assamese residential staff that works with me at the school, not old ones but mostly old and unused ones. Now I need to get rid of some bed covers and sheets that takes up bottom section – I’ll take a look at the video too – Thanks for sharing Arpita 🙂


    1. I finally managed to give away my just in case clothes this time. think we have an advantage when it comes to giving away stuff, we have people who work around us, & who will actually put our clothes to much better use. It gives me such joy, to see my maid’s daughter wearing my clothes to college. You should watch the Marie Kondo’s video. Let me know how it works out for you! 🙂

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  2. I’m going to watch the video too! I don’t know if you’re a scarf-y kind of person, but I have mostly all one color clothes and rely on scarves, necklaces and purses to add a little color. (And I don’t have a whole heckuva lot of those–but they’re fun!)


  3. Great job! I was a clothes aficionado when I worked. It was a real process getting rid of them. It helped once I no longer fit in them. 😞
    I love your way of keeping your wardrobe down! Now that we live in a “tiny” house, there’s just no room!

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    1. The not fitting has helped me too! I’ve put on weight recently, so lot of my old clothes don’t fit me! Made it easier for me to give them away! Its a challenge with work clothes though, you need to present yourself in a certain way! I think I will be happiest myself, the day I can move myself to your kinda motor home! I will become a true minimalist that day! Have you ever come across cluttered motor homes, ever?

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      1. Yes! It’s because they haven’t committed to minimalist lives. They still either own a home or have their other “stuff” stored elsewhere. I want to do a follow up to our minimalist post since we regret paying for storage for 2 years! We just never had time to do our final sort. When we saw cluttered motorhomes, we knew we didn’t want that!


      2. It sure is! The second blog is easier to work with, but the travelogue takes up a lot of time. I have decided to just do one post a week on each. I have been thinking of getting rid of Facebook, & just focus on twitter!

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  4. Definitely a clothes hoarder here, I just don’t like having to throw out anything that I’ve paid good money for! It helps to have someone else supervise the throw-out – they are detached and more reasonable…my daughter is very good at it. I probably need her to come & sort me out again….


    1. That’s so true! A third person is always helpful for helping with the Tidying up! I do that for my mom as well. My mom too values things a lot because of the money paid to get them & I do agree with it. So giving it away to somebody who will put those things to good use makes me feel better!

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