Book Review – Life Changing Magic of Tidying up.

g_042815_kondo_goodmanI have been hearing about this book for the longest time, both on Youtube & Blogs alike but somehow never got around to getting it because I was not so much into the organizing & decluttering.

It was only after I was I watched the Tedx talk by the Minimalists & really got thinking about how I wanted to live my life, that I almost drew this book to me. I was discussing Minimalism with my friend Estee, & she recommended that I read this book. I had seen a lot of difference in her space for sometime now, so I finally went ahead & ordered my own copy of this book.

I must say the book offers some really good advice when it comes to tidying up & is a great book to read if you are about to start your decluttering journey.

Marie has some great advice to offer. Here are some of them.

Marie advises that instead of going step by step when it comes to tidying, a better approach is to get it done once and for all. Like if you plan on tidying up just do it all.

Also instead of tidying up location wise, it is better to go category wise instead. Example – Instead of sorting things going Room my Room it is better to pick a category, say Clothes & sort out all the clothes you own. Move on to the next category, say Shoes, in which case you Sort out all your shoes at once.

When she is goes to a clients home to help him tidy his possessions, & when they are Tidying category wise. Say, they are tidying Clothes/Books. She insists that the client bring out every single piece of clothing/Book that they own & place it in front of them & go through them all at once.


(In fact she mentions that if anything is left out after that point, will go straight to the give away pile, which i think is drastic!)

Marie encourages the owner to use their intuition to sort the things they own. ‘Does an item Spark Joy’ is the question the owner should ask oneself as he holds each item. If it does, it needs to be kept, If it doesn’t they should let it go.

( That really makes sense to me. We all know the stuff that really brings us joy & we wont hesitate for a second to keep it. but there are stuff that we have in our possession just because we paid money for it. Its a technique I now use when I have to decide on what to keep & what to give away)

I also liked the suggestions she gives on how to fold our clothes in order to make more space in our wardrobes.


I am going to try that out as I move my clothes into my new wardrobe soon. Its really something useful.

Marie also insists on not letting your family see what you are giving away!

( Golden words I say, I never ever clean when my family is around because whenever I am about to give things away, my mother always finds things from the pile which she thinks might be useful to her, but honestly never makes use of even once! )

Another thing Marie insists upon is not making your parents house a place to store the stuff you don’t need. We usually give away things we don’t use to our parents, thinking they might put them to good use, but it seldom happens & we end up cluttering their house in the process!

There are very few instances where I don’t agree with Marie’s ways. Say for example each day when she gets back home, she empty’s her hand bag & places its content ( train pass, wallet ) in places she has assigned to it!

(I mean, Its great if it works for her but I need almost the same things in my handbag everyday. My travel pass, Money purse, Id cards, So it saves me time in the morning to just have it in there at all times)

Also when it comes to mementos, we all get a little sentimental & keep somethings that have memories attached to it. And I would want to keep them. So giving them away is not something I can do. Its okay to be a little attached to stuff, we are human beings.

Other than the above, I did like the book a lot. Marie writes about how tidying affects our lives positively. It sure does, I feel it since I have started the process of Minimizing my possessions.


She has given examples of how people have lost weight, changed careers, found their passion in work & life alike after organizing & tidying their spaces!

I liked the structure of the book & also the ways of the author, she seems like such a kind & gentle soul as she shows respect towards her things & possessions. Its endearing.

I do recommend it & can finally see what the buzz about the book is really about! Overall a great book to start if you are looking for ways to declutter & Tidying up your space.

If you have read the book, do let me know how you liked it in the comments section below.




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24 thoughts on “Book Review – Life Changing Magic of Tidying up.”

  1. I hoard books and magazines. I also hold on to things that have sentimental values. I have learned to let go when I experienced losing those priced posessions because of fire. Still I can’t help but buy (on sale usually) books or mags but I limit them now as I have other priorities since I became a mom. Thank you for sharing and I think goig minimalist is a good thing as there are more important things in life than material possessions. 🙂

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    1. I would buy magazines as well,usually Vogue & Cosmopolitan! But somehow, I decided not to buy them anymore, they are expensive & don’t add much value to my life! books, I will never stop buying! But mostly they are ebooks now! You should try the minimalist lifestyle! its worked well for me!

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  2. It’s difficult to be start to become a minimalist for a hoarder like me (add to that a hoarder husband hahaha) but I’m positive that the KonMari method will work. I like the book because it emphasizes the positive impact of tidying up in someone’s life ane every method has a logical explanation. I’m excited to start this weekend! On another note, I read about Essentialism (sister of minimalism) from Darling Magazine, where it’s described as choosing the things that are essential to you vs eliminating what you don’t need which I also found interesting.

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    1. It is a great book. I am not going to ever be the extreme Minimalist, hence I mentioned in my post that we can all have our own version of Minimalism! I really like the method Marie uses to sort things, ‘Does this spark Joy’? I am sure you will do great with your Tidying this weekend! Let me know how to works out for you!!

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    1. Honestly I have been a consumerist all my life! And don’t think I can be a complete minimalist myself. For me, now its about only having things that give me joy. Did you read the first book?

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  3. It’s a beautiful post. I like the way you handled the review. It’s very thorough and I can relate. My parents are so hell-bent on keeping things they don’t need–God only knows how much I have lectured them and struggled against their holding onto useless things 🙂

    I have shared it on the social media.

    LOve and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  4. I will read it! Re “… not making your parents house a place to store the stuff you don’t need.”, I get it from both sides: my kids and my mom! I will try and stay strong and just say “no”. (though it’s hard to say “no” to mom)

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  5. I often her on TV programs or magazines in Japan and she is famous. However, I did not know that her book was translated into other languages and she is known in outside Japan. Is she on TV program in outside of Japan?

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      1. It’s been a while since I read it, so I can’t remember some of the specifics, but it was mostly about letting go of attachments to objects. Americans tend to be extremely materialistic and we need to get over it!

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