Why does Life knock you down?

I came across this quote on Twitter today & it got me thinking. Often times, we come across unpleasant situations in our everyday lives. Situations that make us feel we do not have the courage nor strength to go on any longer. Times when life gets us down on our knees. When we reach rock bottom.

It can be in the form of  losing your job, end of your marriage, being betrayed by your friend. People’s lives are rarely what they put on display on their Facebook profiles. Not every turn is a happy one.

I have had my share of trials , I’ve been down on my knees, hit rock bottom.

However, I did realize one thing. When we reach rock bottom, there is no place to go but up! Reaching rock bottom teaches us more about ourselves that success ever can. Every end is a new beginning. We just have to change the way we perceive things.

I really like this little note of wisdom that Annie Lennox offers.


Rock Bottom can be a highly trans-formative experience, if only we learn to pay attention to the lessons its brings with it. It makes us reflect on our decisions. Its a space between action & reaction. Its the space to rebuild ourselves, reflect on our choices that got us where we are & nudges us to slow down for a while.

We sometimes don’t see the reason as to why something bad should happen to us. But later, when we are ready to look back at it, with experienced eyes, the reasons becomes clearer to us. The dots connect.

Have you been knocked down by life? Experienced the Rock bottom? What lessons did the experience bring with it? Let me know in the comments section below.




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26 thoughts on “Why does Life knock you down?”

  1. Nice post!
    As per recent reads that touched my heart, we are simultaneously living in ups & downs in life. It’s relative; based upon our reactions to the circumstances. I’ve been through difficult phases in personal as well as professional life; I find those events to have been not so difficult, in the hindsight.
    If that’s the case, why not feel so, while we’re actually going through a rough patch…


  2. It’s positive and motivating. 🙂

    I have a question for you :

    You remember our discussion about my transformation experiences?
    I briefly touched about a few points. I felt you kind of suddenly drew out of it.

    Reasons might be:

    1. I didn’t say what you expected a transformation experience should be.
    2. I didn’t say what you had read in books about Mystic fire.
    3. You found everything you needed to know. Doesn’t seem like that!

    Maybe something else. { Geminis are unstable minds as such 😛 😛 }

    I will like to know what did you feel. It’s not that I really have a big ego and want to talk about myself hours on end. It’s just that it helps to open-up with friends. I don’t like talking about myself very much but I do it earnestly if it encourages friendship.

    You can edit the comment to keep relevant content once you read and understand it. Or might leave it in full if you wish. I am fine with anything.

    Have a lovely Saturday,

    Anand 🙂

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    1. Hi,
      I really enjoyed our conversation & your experience was something completely ethereal. From our last interaction, I realized that may be what I needed was a formal initiation from my guru to experience what you did, if I can in this lifetime. However I am still at a very initial stage & you already have experienced the Kundalini rising!
      Hence my friend, like I said, I will take the Kriya Yoga lessons & go in for a formal initiation. May be I will be able to have a more meaningful conversation about it with you after that 🙂

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      1. Oh, that’s alright then. Though to be clear–Kundalini rising is just an experience which initiates/accelerates the transformation. This energy keeps working on body-mind to help you become a better person who is in alignment with life. 🙂

        I feel, initiation is a must. The tenth gate will not open before that for most of us. Take an initiation from a trusted master when you are ready.

        Will talk later( only if we stay in touch and if it’s needed at all 😉 )

        Anand 🙂


      2. I have been reading about Kundalini rising ever since I first read your article. Apparently it is advised to proceed with Kundalini matters under a guru, so he can alter certain experiences & help in acceleration of some others. The experience must have been something else, going through all of that on your own! You must have been at it since past few lives!

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      3. I don’t know. But I have always had an urge to get liberated from suffering and pain. Since I was a child of 5 years I had an interest in Yoga. I was never fascinated with Kundalini, rather considered it an obstacle/degeneration until it happened. 🙂

        I had to suffer a bit because of being too adamant/independent but it was all my destiny. I can help you or anyone else awaken Kundalini within 1 month–but–that’s a big no no. As all gurus also suggest I will never suggest that for anyone who doesn’t live a very natural life and lives with discipline.

        In short: Cleaner and purer your heart is, more easy spiritual journey is. Most of us so called “spiritual” people have big egos because of our bookish knowledge and we forget small acts of kindness and charity and humility and it is an obstacle.

        Thanks 🙂


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