Soulful Saturday

Soulful Saturday – Gratitude

I have decided to have this new feature on my blog, where every Saturday I will post little pebbles of wisdom shared by women & men I admire greatly. I have found them to be incredibly true & helpful in my life & I am sure they will help you too!

I start this feature with wisdom shared by my greatest teacher, somebody I have grown up learning from- Oprah Winfrey! I am sure like me, she has been a teacher to millions of people across the world. And what coincidence that I post this as we celebrate ‘Teachers Day’ in India today!

On to today’s thought – Gratitude


I consider Gratitude to be one of the most important things in our life. Sometimes we get so mingled with our problems, that we forget about all our blessings! If you have good health, food & shelter, a family who loves you, You are luckier than thousands of people out there who struggle for these basic things everyday.

Be grateful everyday, Thank whichever higher power you believe in for the wonderful blessings you have in your life as often as you can.

Let me know in the comments section, What are you grateful for today?!




14 thoughts on “Soulful Saturday – Gratitude”

  1. Thank you Arpita 🙂
    I am grateful for so many things. Mostly for overwhelming love I have received from almighty lately. 🙂
    I am also very thankful for this post. Oprah is such an inspiration. ❤
    Have a great weekend.
    Happy Teachers day.
    Happy Janmashtami.
    Love and light ❤



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